Stuck in Neutral? Time for a Paradigm Shift

You’ve probably heard this expression many times: the paradigm shift. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? The kind of thing people say when they want to sound smart.

But what IS it?

It’s simple, really. All it means is a change in your thinking.

A paradigm is just a belief or circumstance that defines where you are and where you’re going. Often, it’s a negative or even self-destructive one. You are in an unfulfilling job and aren’t trying to find another because where you are is where you were meant to be and nothing else will work. You’re in a relationship going nowhere because you don’t deserve anything better.

Keep in mind that when I say you don’t deserve something better, that’s YOU talking, not me. I know you deserve better.

I think that deep down, you believe it too. But you’ve spent your life hearing others tell you all the things you can’t do and shouldn’t even try to do. Most of this destructive talk has come from the people you love or trust: your parents, teachers, co-workers or bosses. But, of course, they’re not trying to hold you back.

We love you, they say. We think you’re wonderful. It’s just that there are certain truths that you must accept. There are just certain things that you can’t do, and we’re trying to save you from being hurt by trying them. Because you will fail.

What’s blocking your path to success?

A paradigm that blocks your true self can do lasting damage if you let it. In my case, I always thought that I wanted to be a powerful, big-time corporate businesswoman. I knew that wasn’t who I was, but it’s what everyone else seemed to expect. So I kept hanging on to it. I was constantly battling with myself about who I should be and who I really was. My mind and my heart were fighting. I became passive and aggressive and a pretender. I felt like a loser. I had a lot of “I should do it” fighting with “I don’t want to do it.”

Once I became me, I was happier with myself and started traveling on my true road.

Once you stop listening to these negative voices, you begin to see the paradigm that must shift.

You’ll be better able to quiet them with the aid of a Partner Navigator who can stand back and give you an objective assessment of where you are and where you want to go. Not everyone will qualify for this critical role; just because you’ve left home and don’t see your family every day doesn’t mean your life will be free of negativity.

To find your Partner Navigator, look for the people who’ve been cheering your accomplishments and offering you support for whatever you do. They may not always agree with your decisions, but they’ll give you solid reasons, not just tell you that you can’t do what you’re considering.

Look for the people who set you up for success. Do you feel the paradigm shifting?

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