Take a 3-Hour Tour to Your Passionate Life

Are you living the life you were meant for? Is something missing?

Maybe you need to find your spark again – the passions that drive you to achieve your dreams and live your best life.

Start your search with Heather D. Mahoney, your Partner Navigator, on a 3-hour tour to reveal the passions that will fire up your life. In this dynamic Zoom workshop, Heather will lead you to:

  • Discover your top five passions
  • Identify the markers of your success
  • Create an action plan to put your passions to work

Get clear and get passionate!

Tour Information

  • Third Sunday each month on Zoom
  • Noon – 3 p.m.
  • To register and receive the Zoom link, or for more information, contact Heather at [email protected].

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